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The Spinner Rig

What more can be written about the spinner rig that hasn’t been said. The rig that allows for a neat low to the bottom presentation of a pop up bait, that resets itself and allows the user to change hooks with ease, this rig has it all. It is the modern day wonder rig that catches carp up and down the country.


In this article I will take you through every step of tying the legendary spinner rig, trying to add insight along the way. Firstly the items you will need: Curved Shank Hook - I use the Hybrid Curv Shank Size 4 hooks. Hybrid Quick Change Swivel Hybrid Hook Bead Hybrid Bait Screw Conda Coated Braid Pure Filth Putty Scissors

Step 1

Attach the quick change swivel to the hook as pictured. I would suggest that you have the pointy end of the swivel facing outwards to avoid any damage to a carps mouth. Even though later in this article we do cover the point of the swivel, but I always feel it is better to be extra safe.



Step 2

Cut a small piece of Hybrid Armo Shrink tubing over the hook and swivel and heat with a lighter to shrink the tubing. I often like to hold the hook in a position to ensure that the hook maintains an aggressive curve using the swivel itself to extend the shank of the hook which increases further the hooking potential of this already lethal hook pattern.

 Step 3

Add a Hybrid Bait Screw to the shank of the hook. This can also be done using a micro ring swivel, however I feel the bait screw means you can change your hook bait in seconds


Step 4

Add a Hybrid Hook Bead by passing it over the point of the hook. I tend to position the hook bead so that it is just about level with the barb of the hook. You may wish to experiment with the position of the bead to give you the best presentation of your pop up.


Step 5

Then strip off 12 inches of Conda coated braid. This braid is perfect in colour when there is any kind of weed on the bottom. It is soft enough to adjust to any contours in the lake bed but stiff enough to help the bait reset itself if a fish manages to move your bait. I use a simple grinner knot as I believe the big ring on the swivel allows for plenty of movement of the bait. If you feel you need more you can tie a loop knot allowing the swivel to move on the loop.


Step 6

Using Pure Filth Putty you need to balance the hookbait to your preference by adding it to the knot in the Conda. It is personal preference, however I prefer to critically balance the baits to ensure that it will always rest on top of any low lying weed or leaves etc. Pure Filth comes in 2 colours so you can pick and choose your preference depending on the colour of the lake bed


Step 7

Finish the rig off by tying a figure of 8 loop knot in the opposite end of the Conda. This will allow you to change rigs quickly in a fishing situation.

This is the complete rig and you are able to simply add the pop up of your choice to the bait screw and you are ready to go.


There are variations of this rig that you may wish to consider. On a gin clear lake you may wish to use a fluorocarbon boom and the Hybrid Disperse is absolutely perfect for this variation. Another of my favourite tweaks is to use the ever faithful Hybrid Snatch pattern of hook which has a longer more aggressive shank and I have found from personal experience seems to catch the bigger stamp of Carp.


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