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Spinner Pack/ Ronnie Pack £3.99

Spinner Pack/ Ronnie Pack £3.99

One of the most convenient packs in carp fishing. Its now easily obtainable and affordable to create the Spinner, also known as the Ronnie Rig with this pack. each pack contains enough to tie 5 Rigs : 3 x shrink tube 5 x QC Heli Swivels 5 x Bait screws 5 x Hookbeads An industry first exclusive from Hybrid Tackle

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Armohawk hooks

Armohawk hooks

#packetsharp hooks

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30lb + Hall of Fame


Latest News & Testimonials

  • **Arron Fisher Joins Hybrid Tackle**

    We are delighted to welcome Arron Fisher to our team of consultants. Arron brings a wealth of experience from leading companies such as Ultima Carp and Velocity Baits. Hes been using our products for several weeks now and caught some beautiful fish like this 42lb pictured below. Exciting times ahead #teamhybrid www.hybridtackle.co.uk

  • fish of a lifetime

    Mark Sables has just returned from Spain and we have one monster of a catfish to show you! Marks been testing our new hooks and even all of us @hybridtackle are blown away with this 206lb Catfish. Taken on 25lb Conda Hooklink and our new size 4 Armohawk MULTI hook ! I think its safe to say these hooks are very special 3 of our new razor sharp super strong Armohawk hooks are available to try for yourself at www.hybridtackle.co.uk and we are sure the public will love them.

  • Fred Penfold

    Fred Penfold 5starAbsolutely pukka gear!! First use with the snag hooks yesterday doing a bit of stalking, got caught in a tree and the hook pulled a 1" branch 9ff!! Well impressed,, and stayed sharp

  • Neil Richards

    If it's terminal tackle your looking for, look no further, hybrid have a superb range. Always working/testing on new innovations, and all at a very reasonable price to the angler. The best terminal tackle I've ever used

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